The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy

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How could a relatively small island nation and a group of backwater colonies huddled along the coast of a continent rise to dominate the globe for the last two centuries? The surprising answer lies in Bible prophecy!

The amazing story of the rise to greatness of the United States and Britain begins 4,000 years ago with the biblical patriarch Abraham. God's promises would bring an astounding future for his descendant.

Covenants are simply binding agreements between two or more parties. God Himself designed the covenant He made with Abraham and his descendants.

God showed the descendants of Abraham they could succeed in the calling and mission He gave them only if they relied on divine help.

Does God keep His promises and commitments even when humans fail to abide by theirs?

God was making sure no one forgot His promises to Abraham. He was formally passing them from one generation to the next.

The story of Israel's rise into a golden age during the reign of David and his son Solomon, and then its disintegration into two separate kingdoms, is a story of both triumph and bitter tragedy.

God intended that the right to and privilege of worshipping Him and living in His model nation be available to all.

Solomon built many merchant ships manned by both Israelite and Phoenician sailors. The wealth accumulated by this maritime traffic is astounding, even by modern standards.

Through God's covenant with David we find another biblical proof that Abraham's descendants, the Israelites, continue to exist.

God's desire for Israel to be a model nation carried with it grave responsibilities.

The descendants of the rest of the exiled Jewish and Israelite families were scattered among the nations and most probably eventually lost their identity.

Today almost everyone identifies the name Israel with the Jews. Is this assumption correct?

Not long after the kingdom of Israel disappeared in defeat and captivity at the hand of Assyria, a new people suddenly arose in that general region who would eventually populate northwest Europe. Is there a connection?

Archaeology and history reveal a great deal about Celtic and Scythian ethnic identity as exhibited in their trading activities and relationships.

The archaeological evidence shows that the Celts and Scyths both freely shared and mingled.

We must consider names and labels as we attempt to trace the people of Israel through history.

In spite of the Celts' characteristic secrecy, enough history was recorded for us to come to the conclusion that the Celts and Scythians came from a common Israelite heritage.

These prophecies show that the exiled Israelites would be unable to remain in one cohesive group.

Britain suddenly emerged to lead the greatest empire the world has ever seen, soon followed by the rise of the most powerful single nation in world history, the United States. Both were foretold long ago in Bible prophecy!

In a remarkable coincidence one of the chief architects of the British Empire, Benjamin Disraeli, literally bears the name of Israel. Or is it coincidence?

Focusing on the biblical promises, some scholars have undertaken extensive research to advance the knowledge that God's promised blessings to Abraham's descendants have largely been fulfilled in the British and American peoples.

Is it possible that the Bible so influenced the people of Britain and the United States because this book is their history book?

God foretold not only the rise of Britain and the United States, but also what will happen if, like their biblical ancestors, they reject the true Source of their blessings. Does prophecy reveal what the future holds for them?

God inspired many prophecies with dual meanings.