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Jesus of Nazareth came with a specific message—"the gospel of the kingdom of God." It was the central theme of all that He preached and taught. In a world of religious confusion, the United Church of God proclaims that same message.

Following Jesus Christ's footsteps and example, we take seriously His command to make disciples, baptize them and teach them everything that He commanded. The Church utilizes many tools to help accomplish this all-important task.

USA Today published the results of a poll listing significant questions most on people's minds. At the top of the list was "What is the purpose of life?"

What was Jesus Christ's message? He preached "the gospel of the kingdom of God" (Matthew 4:23; Matthew 9:35; Mark 1:14-15).

The name of the United Church of God, an International Association, signifies that we are united in our commitment to faithfully follow the way of life and mission for the Church revealed and established by God and His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Scriptures.

The Church is to teach and care for those whom the Father calls, preparing them for greater works of service to God, their families, their communities and their fellow human beings. This is the goal of our many programs and activities.

The highlight of each year for members of the United Church of God is the biblical Feast of Tabernacles. Among the sacred feasts God revealed to ancient Israel, this festival lasts seven days and is immediately followed by a separate but related festival on the eighth day (Leviticus 23:34, Leviticus 23:36, Leviticus 23:39). This eight-day period remains an occasion for God's people to come together for spiritual instruction and renewal.

Why are the beliefs and practices of the United Church of God quite different from so many other churches? Perhaps a better question to ask is why so many churches' beliefs differ from the Bible. You need to know the fascinating story!

The Bible repeatedly emphasizes that God's servants are to be wise stewards and managers over the resources He provides. They are to recognize that those resources—financial, physical and human alike—actually belong to Him rather than any individual or organization. Accordingly, the United Church of God, an International Association, has put in place systems of checks and balances to avoid abuses or financial improprieties.

The book of Acts records eyewitness accounts of the early Church from Christ's resurrection until about A.D. 60. Chapter 2 records the beginning of the Church.

Many assume that, because Jesus Christ instituted the New Covenant, God's laws are thereby made obsolete. They lean on this argument to ignore His commandments. But what does Jesus Himself say?

God's desire is that every human being live as He commands and ultimately receive His gift of salvation to become a part of His family and Kingdom. This vision is what motivates members of the Church in their collective responsibility.