What You Need to Know About Baptism

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What does the Bible mean when it talks about repentance and conversion?

Repentance is the starting point in our relationship with God.

Are Christians today required to keep the Ten Commandments?

Through God's grace, the gift of eternal life is given to those who demonstrate their faith in God by their obedience and repentance.

What is faith, and what role does it play in the process of repentance leading to baptism and salvation?

Inorder to receive the Holy Spirit you must repent, take part in water baptism and laying on of hands.

Baptism must wait until we are mature enough to understand repentance.

Those refusing to repent and change their way of thinking will be consumed by fire.

Forgiveness is possible through repentance and understanding Christ's perfect sacrifice.

When you respond to God's calling through repentance and baptism, many blessings and opportunities await you. Your mind will change.

One is not baptized into any sect or denomination. Rather, one becomes a member of the spiritual Body of Christ.