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Where do I find my study list?

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Where do I find my study list?

If you have an account at ucg.org you can add articles, blogs, videos and more to your "Study Lists" to read, listen or watch at another time.

If you are logged into the ucg.org website, you can add content to your "Study Lists" by clicking the "Add to my study list" button that is on the right side of the webpage (desktop view) or look for the "Add to my study list" link featured near the top of the page on your mobile device (underneath the title).

To access your "Study Lists" login to your ucg.org account. Go to your profile page directly at http://www.ucg.org/user and you will see the "My Study List" tab to the right of your name. Click on "My Study List" to view those items that have been saved. You can click on the title to go to the webpage. You can also remove the items from your study list.

You can also access your profile at ucg.org by clicking on your account name (with photo) at the top right of the ucg.org website. If you are on a mobile device, then your account name will be at the top of the mobile page.