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Compass Check: Fall 2022

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  • by Rudy Rangel III
A practical life lesson from a surprising and underrated book of the Bible.
  • by Fred Schatz
As I traveled my highway to addiction, there were certain road signs that, in hindsight, documented my downward spiral. As we progress through my story, I will denote these “signs” with an asterisk (*) .
  • by Dan Preston
God is building a spirit family for the future, an important part of which is that His family will have godly character. He helps us develop that character through the lessons and experiences we gain from our physical families now as human beings (Ephesians 5:28-32). So, as young people, what’s your part?
  • by David Cobb
Saying things that don’t do much to “improve on the silence,” as one Spanish proverb states, is a common occurrence in our conversations.
  • by Tarra Scott
Are you unsure whether abortion is right or wrong? Do you find yourself justifying abortions? Are you basing that from the Bible, or what you hear in the world? Can you back your stance up in both a biblical and scientific way? How do you speak the truth in love when you are met with antagonism and berated for your beliefs and your God? Let’s explore these questions using the Bible and scientific...
  • by Mitchell Moss
A strong advocate for working with your hands, Matt Miller has turned his own love of building and fixing things into a successful business as a general contractor in the Pacific Northwest. Read how he got his start, why he loves it and how anyone can go out today, get a job making good money and doing satisfying work.