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Compass Check: Spring 2018

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  • by Steve Nutzman
I don’t know how you’ll answer this question, but my answer is a resounding “yes.” I have felt this way many times in my life. I’ve had to deal with my emotions in this regard.
  • by Kourtney Kovanis
In high school I played shortstop on our softball team. The shortstop position involves fielding a lot of hard ground balls.
  • by Rex Sexton, Steve Nutzman
Camp season is just around the corner! The camp staff is already busy making plans for over 400 campers who will be attending this summer.
  • by Jessica Hendrickson
I watched my classmate walk to the front of the room, and my heart began to race; I knew that my turn was next. It was the second week of classes, and our French teacher was having us take turns reciting the French alphabet in front of the whole class.
  • by Jay Ledbetter, Jennifer Ledbetter
As husband and wife of over 20 years, Jennifer and Jay have discovered a few keys to better understanding the emotional differences God created within each gender and would like to share what they’ve learned with you.
  • by Arthur Suckling
The elevator doors opened, and out walked a young lady. She was tattooed all over her forehead, cheeks, ears, neck, chest and shoulders.
  • by Emma Cortelyou
The Sabbath marks the end of the week and of a busy schedule. It is a time for me to get together with my friends and brethren in the Church and learn more about God.