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Compass Check: Spring 2022

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  • by Gary Petty
Jesus is our example of how to live as God designed us to live. He taught about taking care of the poor, the value of work, the evil of greed and principles on how to manage money. His teachings are practical and help us make good decisions and live happier lives. But are His teachings based on socialism or capitalism?
  • by Dan Preston
The Bible paints a picture of manhood that’s at once masculine and tender-hearted; courageous and wise; bold and courteous; self-assured and teachable; independent and responsible for others; strong and gentle. If every man strove for a biblical idea of masculinity, we’d see stronger families, secure children and more productive companies. Here are some ways to strive for biblical manhood in your...
  • by Mitchell Moss
Samantha Cook’s career has taken more turns in five years than some take in a lifetime. With an openness and self-honesty about what she wants, her retelling of those turns reveals understanding most fail to gain by the time they’re 40, let alone her current age of 26. Read on to find out how she went from a consulting gig straight out of college to becoming Chief Operating Officer of a medical...