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Compass Check: Spring 2023

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  • by Dan Preston
Your parents probably taught you to pray, and there’s no doubt they pray for you. But have you ever thought about praying for your parents?
  • by Compass Check Editor
With a lifelong love of travel and a desire to serve God’s people around the world, Ray Clore had a fulfilling career doing both with the U.S. State Department. He now serves as pastor for congregations in Maryland and Virginia. Read on to learn how he fulfilled his life’s biggest goals, and what advice he has for someone with a similar love for history, travel and international relations.
  • by Heidi Braun
Have you ever felt invisible? Perhaps you’re tired of being the one who isn’t invited, doesn’t have one or more “best friends,” or maybe you just feel unheard in conversations. Is there some secret ingredient to friendship that you’re missing, or are people just that unreasonable?
  • by Dan Preston
As Satan is our enemy, it would be wise for us to know a little bit about him, so we can be more aware of his attacks.