Compass Check: Summer 2016

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In This Issue

  • by Steve Nutzman
Welcome to our summer issue of Compass Check, written directly with you as a teen in mind.
  • by Nathan Martin
Foul language has been a major problem since the beginning of time. If we don’t watch our use of language, it can become a major bad habit!
  • by Ben Light
What is baptism? Great question! Simply put, baptism is an agreement that you enter into with God when you decide to live His way of life.
  • by Kayleen Schreiber
I am about a year away from earning my Ph.D. in neuroscience, which is the study of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. As I went through eight years of science education, many people have asked me: How do you stay close to God while being bombarded by all this science?
  • by Ben Light
his afternoon after work, I could walk into a store, put my money on the counter and walk out with an ounce of marijuana. Because I’m older than 21 and it is legal in my home state of Oregon (as well as Washington, Colorado and Alaska), a police officer could do nothing about it. But as a Christian, should I?
  • by Sarah Auguste
In our day-to-day lives, we are constantly facing challenges: at home, at school, at work, even walking down the street. Some challenges are simple, while others seem impossible. Sometimes we can try to face these challenges on our own, but sometimes they seem like more than we can handle.
  • by Kourtney Kovanis
My sister and I are identical twins, and it usually takes others some time to tell us apart. In school I remember classmates calling us just “the twins” instead of using our names, and questioning why we needed two sets of school pictures when we could just make copies.