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Compass Check: Summer 2018

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  • by Steve Nutzman
Not long ago I saw this vanity plate (or something akin to it since I only had a few seconds to see it while driving) on the back of an ultra-cool looking red Corvette.
  • by Kourtney Kovanis
In college I took an entry-level economics class where I remember the professor explaining the concept of opportunity cost, a key idea in economics. Surprisingly, that lesson has stuck with me through the years.
  • by Mario Seiglie
Few things in life have impressed me more than watching a field of beautiful, bright sunflowers pointing toward the sun. It seems as if they are obediently following a silent command to look up in unison.
  • by Stephanie Russell
Sitting in church at the age of 16, the minister was speaking as he always did, but all I could think was, “When is this going to be over? I’m hungry.”
  • by Gayle Hoefker
Everyone probably has had at least one person say to them sometime in life, “Watch your attitude!” or “She’s in an attitude!” Usually this is referring to a bad, moody or snotty attitude. So what type of attitude should we be looking to have?
  • by Talia Callea
When I was in middle school I never really had any luck making friends. No one seemed to like me, and I couldn’t figure out why.