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Compass Check: Winter 2015

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  • by Steve Nutzman
This is our third issue of Compass Check, written with you, a teen in God’s Church, in mind. We hope you enjoy each article and benefit from them all. There is a nice variety of articles this issue.
  • by Randy Shoemaker
I don’t know about you, but this time of year is very disappointing for me. I dread leaving the house, and I avoid listening to the radio and watching TV. I can’t help but feel trampled by hundreds of reindeer as I overhear the mind-numbing songs of the season.
  • by Mitchell Moss
I've heard the story many times. Or at least variations of the story. The basic gist is that there is a man or woman who is exceptional at something—“He was professional at the piano; he could’ve played at Carnegie Hall,” for example. “Then he was called into God’s Church, and he didn’t think he could pursue the piano anymore because a lot of concerts are on the Sabbath. So he gave it up and...
  • by Sydney L Hawkins
“Who does she think she is?” I thought angrily. I was looking through a friend’s endless smiling photos with my crush on Facebook. I went to another friend’s page, where I saw that he was currently enjoying a wonderful and exotic trip out of the country. “Lucky him!” I fumed. “What did he do to deserve that?”
  • by Janet Treadway
While walking down a hall one day in seventh grade, I was suddenly shoved over to the other side of the hallway. I looked over to see what happened. A huge girl was walking away laughing hysterically. I walked to class, shaken. This was the beginning of what I called being picked on. What we call it today is being bullied.
  • by Janet Treadway
Today, through cell phones and the Internet, a new form of bullying has emerged—it’s called “cyberbullying.”
  • by Gayle Hoefker
Do you clam up on the first day of school? Are you tongue tied when you try to talk to the widow at church? Are you terrified of applying for a job because you hate talking to adults?