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Compass Check: Winter 2021

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In This Issue

  • by Kyle Bacher
Lights are used as guides. They illuminate rooms to drive back the darkness and show hidden dangers. We can even use lights to project or show an image. This is what we are supposed to be doing spiritually.
  • by Arlene Kays
Each person in a family may have a different story about how their lives have unfolded, and we as family members in the Body of Christ can and should get to know each other better to become woven together, fitly blended.
  • by Katherine Rowland
We often read in the Bible where God tells His people not to fear, or not to be afraid. If you are someone who is timid, like me, you might wonder whether this means that you shouldn’t ever feel the emotion of fear. But God has given us our emotions, whether joy, sadness or even fear. The key is to consider how we ought to respond to those emotions.
  • by Dan Preston
Why doesn’t God always answer our prayers for those who are suffering and in need of a miracle?
  • by Dan Preston
With Thanksgiving fresh on our minds and winter ahead, what can you find in this issue of Compass Check?