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Compass Check: Winter 2023

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  • by Kourtney Kovanis
We all have positive and negative motivations in life. In the Bible, we see that God uses both types of motivation with His people.
  • by Len Martin
If I were to ask you to name one reason people leave the Church, the word hypocrisy often comes to mind.
  • by Wil B Brubacher
The greatest treasure we could ever find is the Kingdom of God. How are we searching for that treasure every single day? What does that look like?
  • by Dan Preston
Some of the most noteworthy people in history have found success by chasing their dreams. What are your dreams, and are you chasing them?
  • by Kevin Kenady
Just one daily example of being a shining light of positivity, uplifting and joy can do more than you might expect!