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In one way or another, we’re all making some sort of statement all the time, whether we realize it or not. And a lot of those statements don’t involve words.

When I worked at Banana Republic after graduating from college, there was a strict dress code. It included a rule that if you wanted to wear jeans you had to also wear high heels and a “statement” necklace. For jewelry, a “statement piece” means that it’s big, bold and noticeable.

Even if you don’t see yourself as extremely big or bold, you have an impact on the people around you. You might get noticed for something as simple as the t-shirt you’re wearing, with a certain slogan or brand on the front. Or your shoes or hair or voice. Or in my case, looking like my twin.  

But you also make statements through how you treat others, how you talk, the decisions you make, what you take a stand for . . . These kinds of things are a lot more important than the statement necklace you choose to wear. But they’re often a lot trickier to get right.

So if you’re thinking about the statements we make as Christians, this issue of Compass Check has some helpful insights. Discover the skills to make life decisions that are in line with God’s principles and remember them by using the acronym P.S.A.L.M. Learn a few ways to make new friends and be a better friend to the ones you have (try them both at the Feast!). Find out how God wants and doesn’t want to be worshiped in light of the upcoming secular holidays. See an example of someone who’s worked hard and landed a job she loves. And visualize what it’s like to live in God’s Kingdom, a world where everyone can make the best kinds of statements.

Don’t underestimate the power of the statements you can make, and the influence you can have on others. And remember that we’re all still working on refining our statements; each stage of life will bring opportunities for new statements and more boldness. It’s up to you what that will look like.