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Jelly Makes a New Friend

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Jelly Makes a New Friend

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Jelly Makes a New Friend


When Jelly arrives at school he discovers a brand new student! Join Jelly in his newest adventure as he learns about friendship.


[Mr. Jonathan] Hey, Miss Esther.

[Miss Esther] Hey.

[Mr. Jonathan] I was dropping off Jelly and I decided to come give you a surprise hello.

[Miss Esther] Oh, how nice of you.

[Mr. Jonathan] Do you need a spoon, or...

[Miss Esther] No, why?

[Mr. Jonathan] No reason. I got something for you.

[Miss Esther] Oh, how beautiful. And plastic.

[Mr. Jonathan] Yeah. Because I thought they would...I'd avoid all the pollen and germs and stuff like that, you know. Plus, they live forever.

[Miss Esther] Thank you, you're so sweet.

[Jelly] Miss Esther, I have a question.

[Miss Esther] Yes, Jelly?

[Jelly] Who is that?

[Miss Esther] Oh, that's Colin.

[Jelly] No, no, no. Who is that?

[Miss Esther] Ilonka.

[Jelly] I don't mean her. I mean who is that?

[Miss Esther] Oh, that's Margo.

[Jelly] No. That. Who's that?

[Miss Esther] Joel?

[Jelly] No.

[Miss Esther] Rebecca?

[Jelly] No, ma'am.

[Miss Esther] Teddy?

[Jelly] Uh-uh.

[Miss Esther] Zoe?

[Jelly] Negative, Ghost Rider.

[Miss Esther] Isaac?

[Jelly] No.

[Miss Esther] Henry?

[Jelly] Nada.

[Miss Esther] John?

[Jelly] For sure, no.

[Miss Esther] Groundskeeper Carl Doppel?

[Jelly] Yes. Wait, what? No, I can fix all this. Let me see that. Let me see that tape recorder. Where's the white balance? This jokers fuzzy. You might have to take it right back to Radio Shack. All right. Where's my F stop? Here we go. That. Who's that?

[Miss Esther] Oh, that's Cherry. She's the new girl.

[Jelly] Do you think she wants to be my friend?

[Miss Esther] I'm sure she'd really appreciate a new buddy.

[Jelly] Yes, yes, yes. Wait, how do I become her friend?

[Mr. Jonathan] Jelly, first you gotta introduce yourself. And then, you gotta do something kind to make her feel comfortable. Like, why don't you show her around the school?

[Miss Esther] Also, in the Bible, there are a lot of good examples of friendships, like David and Jonathan.

[Jelly] Oh, ol' Dave and Johnny. I got you. Good buddies, like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-son or Doc Brown and Marty McFly. The whole cast of "Cool Runnings," the "Rescue Rangers."

[Mr. Jonathan] Where are you getting these examples from?

[Jelly] I found your old VCR tapes. By the way, what's "Sweatin' to the Oldies?"

[Mr. Jonathan] Wow. It's like CrossFit, kind of. But, you know, jazzier. I was much bigger back then. Anyway, making friends can happen quickly, or happen over time. But by being a good friend, you can develop a lasting relationship.

[Miss Esther] That's right. The Bible tells us that friends share, friends help, and friends comfort each other.

[Jelly] Duly noted. Okay, bye.


Hey, I'm Jelly
And I'm Cherry Berry
Would you like a friend at school today?
I could show you around
You could show me around?
All the best spots to learn and play

There's a chair and some books and a taco-loving cook
Here's the right spot to put your tray
There's Kevin and Marty, they're hardly ever tardy
And we read our Bibles to start each day

My God, He cares for and loves me
He shows me how friendship should be
My God
My God, He cares for and loves me
He showed
He showed me how friendship should be

There's a story in the Bible about two friends
One is David and the other is Jonathan
These men were like brothers, they were just like kin
But their friendship was tested when Saul stepped in
A good buddy is there when you most need them
Keeps you on track, has your back when the troubles begin
Saul's jealousy was mad and he hated him
But Jonathan defended David till the very end

My God, He cares for and loves me
He shows me how friendship should be
My God
My God, He cares for and loves me
He showed
He showed me how friendship should be

Ruth was loyal to her friend, made sure that Naomi was not alone
She bravely went with her to a strange land
Far from the comforts and the people that she called home
God blessed her for her loving heart
And the friendship that Ruth had shown
Be a friend like she was and you'll find that the example that you're planting will be widely known

Did you know you can be a friend of God?
He will guide you, walk beside you, everywhere you trod
He sent Jesus to this earth to show us his way
How to live and how to learn to be a friend each day
Twelve men Jesus gathered, said, "follow me"
They learned to walk and talk and preach about the king to be
The more they were together their friendship grew
And that example was passed down from them to me and you

My God, He cares for and loves me
He shows me how friendship should be
My God
My God, He cares for and loves me
He showed
He showed me how friendship should be

I'm so glad that we can be friends
Me too
It looks like this tour is about to end
There's this, there's that, and this, and him
Now, you know this school from every corner and bend
Teaches and preaches and teaches us to give
So we'll help show others how to share and live

Hey there, Jelly?
Yes, Miss Berry?
You are most impressive
Thanks for the tour and your friendship, I'm appreciative

My God
My God, He cares for and loves me
He showed
He showed me how friendship should be

[Mr. Jonathan] Hey, you two, what are you working on? What? All right. It's cool. Oh, ha, hot dog. Whoo, I found someone's glue stick.

[Jelly] That's mine, friend, Appreciate you.

[Mr. Jonathan] Oh, what's this? Hey, did you two draw a picture for me?

[Cherry] Yeah.

[Mr. Jonathan] Wow, that's nice. Sticky stuff.

[Jelly] Looks like friends do stick together, just like glue.

[Cherry] Sticky.

[Jelly] Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale, rescues all the people as rangers.