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ABC Graduation Ceremony

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ABC Graduation Ceremony

Additionally this year, two international students participated via Internet connection, recordings, and class visits. They were able to attend graduation and receive distance learning diplomas of biblical studies.

In the ceremony Ronald Bell delivered a valedictorian address reminding students of the challenges they had met and overcome to be at ABC and encouraging them to continue.  UCG president Victor Kubik gave a commencement address that included quotes from all of the students at the beginning of the school year, saying why they had come to ABC. Those statements served as a powerful reminder for graduates to put into practice the knowledge and training of the past nine months.

Presentations during the ceremony included: music provided by the ABC Chorale and two special awards granted to students recognized as outstanding examples inside and outside of class. Kathleen Johnson received the Council of Elders Award of Excellence, and Ronald B. Bell received the Ambassador Bible College Service Award. Following the ceremony, family and friends shared cake and refreshments with the graduates.

We are eagerly accepting applications for the next school year of Ambassador Bible College.

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