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Feast of Tabernacles

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Feast of Tabernacles

October 17, 2024 - 12:00pm UTC to October 23, 2024 - 12:00pm UTC

For more information about the Feast of Tabernacles festival sites go to ucg.org/members/feast .

To read more about the Feast of Tabernacles click the links below.


The Feast of Tabernacles: Jesus Christ Reigns Over All the Earth


  • kathysanny

    Eric Whitacre does virtual choir films where he has gotten people from all over the world to sing the different parts of his songs and then submit a video. These videos made me think about how it would be if we had people from all over the world submit a short video saying have a wonderful feast or something similar, each in their own language, and then play it during the feast.

  • Kcrane

    I preferred the in person music at feast.