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United Church of God-Malawi is on Solid Ground

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United Church of God-Malawi is on Solid Ground

The United Church of God-Malawi congregation is growing with considerable vigor. Members are working in unison to make use of their calling. The spiritual war that the church experienced a couple of months ago has left members in a stronger state spiritually.

Although some few members opted to leave in light of the division that hit the church, those who remained behind have no regrets all. In fact, the United Church of God is now standing on solid ground.

Last April, the church was cemented spiritually following the visit by the United States-based senior pastor Victor Kubik and his wife, Beverly. They observed the Passover together with members of the Blantyre Congregation.

What a wonderful, memorable occasion it was! The United Church of God is growing spiritually in leaps and bounds. There are a number of developments in regard to the growth of the church under Malawian deacon Gracious Mpilangwe.

In order to bring brethren together, maximize talents and increase participation, the church in Malawi has formed several committees. In fact, this is the brainchild of Mr. Mpilangwe, who is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is involved in church activities.

The days are gone when some people felt like they were being sidelined. The church has set up various committees to ensure participation of members in various activities and roles. These committees include those on women’s affairs, media, youth, Feast organization and Good Newsdistribution.

Mr. Mpilangwe has every reason to get inspired as the church forges ahead. “We want everyone to be involved in the work. It helps bring unity and a sense of belonging. Previously, everything was centralized and only a few people were involved, but now more and more people have to maximize their talents, which were hidden,” said Mr. Mpilangwe.

According to him, everyone in the church must be about their Father’s business, and that cannot happen if they do not contribute in their small way.

He observed, “Even in the world, a father imparts his business skills on his son. God imparts on us skills and talents, and we must use these to make his work better and greater.”

Mr. Mpilangwe said that the involvement of the members has improved attendance. He observed that people who were not committed before are now regular Sabbath attendees. There is ample evidence that the change has brought enthusiasm to the church.

A long-serving member of the Church in Malawi, Gilton Chakhaza, heralds the development in the congregation. Mr. Chakhaza said the setting up of various committees was bearing fruit: “There is greater unity and enthusiasm among the brethren [who are] ready to play their role in the growth of the church. Some of the brethren who have always felt left out have contributed to the work in various ways.”

The United Church of God’s Blantyre congregation has every reason to praise God for these developments. For example, Mr. Kubik bought a laptop for the media committee to use for the purpose of communicating—to write articles for the United News,to receive updates from the home office, to write letters to strengthen the brethren and for other related activities.