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Serving Others: Make a Cold Weather Kit

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Serving Others: Make a Cold Weather Kit

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As the winter weather gets frigid and the temperatures drop, I am often reminded of Jesus’ command in Matthew 25 to help those who are hungry, naked or sick. In doing this, He says, we show our love for Him (verse 40).

Where I live, there is a seemingly large population of unhoused individuals. Colder weather can be life-threatening for those without a warm home or resources to care for themselves. One efficient way to help out is to create a “cold weather kit” that can be gifted to a person needing extra warmth.

What’s in a cold weather kit? Basic supplies and anything that combats cold temperatures!

It can be a long list to tackle on your own, but this process can be made easier by dividing and conquering with other members of your congregation. Recently in Seattle, members signed up to purchase a set number of items in bulk. We then brought our items together to assemble multiple kits that can be distributed from each person involved.

Of course, you can always collect supplies on your own too! Another option, if you don’t have common access to unhoused individuals, would be to collect items to donate to a shelter. Whichever method you choose, know that you are bringing glory to God by caring for those who need it most.

Sonia Boyd

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