United Church of God

United News: August 2003

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  • by David Sandland
Why does a loving, merciful God allow good people to suffer for no apparent reason?
  • by Marilyn Braley
The book Grandparents/Grandchildren: The Vital Connection by Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., and Kenneth L. Woodward (published by Transaction Publishers, 1997) was inspired by 8-year-old Billy who insisted on telling his therapists in session after session about the love he had for his grandparents and how only with them did he find a refuge of love and acceptance, without feeling guilty or sad.
  • by Thomas Seltzer.
The Case Against Darwin (Why the Evidence Should Be Examined) by James Perloff (published by Refuge Books) is a concise exposé of some of the problems with the theory of evolution.