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United News: August 2006

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  • by Mike Bennett
To secular eyes, Christians who believe the end times are nigh are equivalent to Iran's "alarming" President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's belief that the mahdi will return in the next two years, "ushering in a bloody cataclysmic confrontation with the non-Muslim world."
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  • by Don Hooser
This article is a follow-up to the previous articles, "Good Sex, Bad Sex" and "Heart-to-Heart Talk With Men and Teen Boys." References to "women" include teenage girls and references to "men" include teenage boys.
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by Peter Eddington
by United News
by David Register
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  • by Stuart Segall
Being around the Church some 43 years of my 51 years of life, I can recall many a sermon and many an analogy about the scripture Paul was inspired to write in a letter to Corinth.
by United News