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United News: December 2007

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  • by Stuart Segall
When Jan and I were first married, we went camping four or five times.
by André van Belkum
by David Johnson
by Gerald Seelig
by James Capo
by Peter Eddington
by United News
by United News
  • by Gregory Dullum
When I see Noah in the resurrection, I may ask him why he didn't swat the last...
  • by Randy Vild
The majestic eagle can teach us much about rising above the storms of life and...
  • by United News
Eating is one of our most pleasurable activities, and God intended it to be so.
  • by Jay Turner
As we go through life's trials and tribulations, we can easily fall prey to...
by United News
  • by Phyllis Newton
As I was straightening and picking up around the house, I thought about house...
by Ken Giese
by Clyde Kilough