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United News: February 2011

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  • by Amber Henke
One day while working at the YMWA Center for Special Education, a field trip had been planned for the vocational section, where my husband Darren works. It sounded like a great opportunity to spend time with the students outside of school and to see more of Jordan, so I went to the head of the section where I work to ask if I could go too.
  • by Sabrina Clore
Media intern Sabrina Clore sat down with four of the behind-the-scenes Beyond Today staff to discuss their role in preaching the gospel.
  • by Bev Galli
We are admonished to grow in godly service and leadership. As Christians, we know it is necessary as Christians to grow in these ways, but is it possible to lose a once beautiful attitude of service, leadership and love?
  • by Doug Wendt
We are very blessed to have access to God's precious Word! He has inspired all Scripture for us, and yet we often take this for granted. When we do not read the Bible or apply its lessons, we repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • by Barbara Dundon
The battles we remember most are not necessarily the ones that are won.
  • by Debbie Carper
When circumstances around us threaten to shake our faith, we must turn to the One who is our sure foundation.