United Church of God

United News: January 1999

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  • by Daniel Robert Berendt
Across North America and the world, the youth of many churches who profess Christianity are wearing bracelets, necklaces, and other paraphernalia with the acronym WWJD.
  • by Alan Dean
On Australian television recently, an anguished father who had lost his son who had mysteriously fallen from a bridge, told the interviewer that his son was his hero.
  • by John Cafourek, Larry Scher, Vicki Scher
The Focused Education Program will be presenting four quarterly articles on the subject of abuse. They are intended to inform, educate, and provide understanding of abuse issues. Our first article is on understanding abuse.
  • by Roy Holladay
Why is it absolutely imperative that we study the Bible and pray? What does it accomplish for a Christian? How do we take prayer and Bible study and convert it into spiritual strength and character?