United Church of God

United News: January 2004

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  • by Glen White, Larry Walker
This is the last article in a three-part series on alcoholism from the Focused Education Committee.
  • by Robert H Berendt
As a boy I loved to launch little wood chip boats, but I learned I didn't want to be like them, at the mercy of the whims of the stream.
  • by Marilyn Braley
A mother's son is murdered in cold blood. A husband loses his beloved wife of two years, just before the Feast. You know both families and want to comfort them, but what can you say in the face of such a terrible loss?
  • by United News
The following summary forms the conclusion of the doctrinal paper on "The Resurrections" recently posted to the UCG Web site at www.ucg.org/papers. The paper goes through the scriptural basis for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the first resurrection, the second resurrection and the third resurrection, with an appendix on "Lazarus and the Rich Man."