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United News: January - February 2018

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  • by Don Hooser
As humans, we can never fully comprehend God’s love, although it is our duty and joy to strive to understand it better and better. It is our duty and joy to increasingly internalize that same love and exercise it toward God and toward one another.
by Andy Diemer, Emmanuel Purdo
by Peter Eddington
by Linda Dwornik
by United News
by Rick Shabi
by Chelsea Dawe
by Rick Shabi
by Gary Smith
  • by Karen Edelbach
Yes, it’s over quickly. But we can then continue in our preparations for the future God has for us through our Bible study, prayers and continuing to live God’s way on a daily basis. We do this by following in Christ’s footsteps.
by United News
by Dixie Lewis
by Mitchell Moss
by United News