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United News: July - August 2019

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  • by Aaron Dean
Many people try to claim that God was harsh in the Old Testament. Yet they love Jesus Christ of the New Testament. In doing so, they try to do away with the law.
  • by Peter Eddington
What is your response to God for Him extending to you His grace and mercy—for Him giving you spiritual eyesight? How do we answer to God’s grace?
by Ariana Del Signore
by United News
by Autumn Boehland
by Ariana Del Signore
by Ron Barker
by United News
by United News
by Ariana Del Signore
  • by Don Hooser
God, the Source of all life, “created man in His own image” for a sacred purpose (Genesis 1:27). Every human being is a child of God, so only He can authorize the taking of human life. That is why murder—the unauthorized killing of a human being—is wrong.