United Church of God

United News: July - August 2022

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  • by Amanda Miller
In this three-part series, let’s briefly examine the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, the nature of Jesus in the context of modern cult worship, and how one might discern whether the cultivation of Christianity is based on authentic design or cultish forgery.
  • by John LaBissoniere
After years of preaching a strong message of repentance, the prophet Habakkuk became distressed since most people refused to heed His God-given words. Learn what God told him and discover how it applies to the Church and its people today.
  • by Tim Pebworth
The Bible has much to say about mental health. Here are five principles of mental health to stimulate discussion, reflection, prayer and meditation.
  • by Mitchell Moss, Peter Eddington
After weeks of prayer and periodic fasting, the Council of Elders selected Rick Shabi to serve as the next president of the United Church of God, an International Association.
  • by David Bensinger
In this second of two parts, In this second article, we discuss our plans for the work in Myanmar. While it seems futile to make plans in a country held in Civil War’s grip, we are doing just that. We prepare for the time when God opens the door to make a big impact. We continue to be careful of listing certain names or places that might bring harm to our brethren.