United Church of God

United News: June 2008

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  • by Doug Wendt
As we look back on the Passover season, we have a reminder of an important process that should continue throughout the entire year—self-examination .
  • by Leon Leonord
You have just strongly corrected your son. He was on a collision course leading to a solid brick wall!
  • by Bernard Hongerloot
When going through trials, do we first think of asking God to ease the pain or heal us quickly, or do we ask Him to finish in us what He started? For our Heavenly Father, the making of the greatest of treasures is of paramount importance!
  • by Jeannie Evans
Helping our children learn how to behave in church can be challenging, but it can greatly benefit them throughout life.
by Robert Dick, Clyde Kilough
by John Foster
by David Register