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United News: June 2009

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by Michael Kelley
  • by Tina Rupp
As a child begins to mature physically, he learns to take those first hesitant steps that often bring the teetering bundle down to the earth's surface.
  • by Debbie Carper
In order to live, feel and look our best, we must follow good nutritional principles. The same goes for healthy spiritual lives too.
  • by Preston Buchanan
In a congregation, ministers provide obvious and unique examples of servant leadership.
  • by Stuart Segall
The human heart is like receptive soil to the seed of the Word of God. Jesus used this analogy in the parable of the sower (Mark 4:3-20).
  • by Frances DeHart
This was Carol Zamora's response to the devastating news that a bacterial infection had attacked her body, resulting in the amputation of both her forearms and lower legs.
  • by Michael Kelley
Father's Day is a time when we pause to show our appreciation to our physical fathers. Dads do a lot for their children, and in this we can see a reflection of the love of God for all mankind, the billions who will have the opportunity to become His children.
  • by Larry Salyer
Country music star Garth Brooks had a big hit with a song called "Friends in Low Places." He sang about being rejected by his highbrow girlfriend and resorting to his dependable friends to find solace.
  • by Bonnie Greider
Sometimes in our busy lives we come crashing into the Sabbath day as if it snuck up on us unexpectedly. How can we keep the Sabbath day holy and make it special for our families?