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United News: March - April 2003

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  • by David Treybig
Struggles of conscience over the justification of war have long haunted Christians. How does one make sense of apparently necessary military actions in this modern world?
  • by United News
Galatians 5:19-21 describes our natural state, and as we examine ourselves before Passover, we see some of these carnal tendencies still lurking in the recesses of our minds. What can we do?
  • by David Treybig, Kathy Giese, Zelda Hanisko
Realizing the immense cultural pressure our members face in our modern world, this article is being provided as an introduction in educating our membership on the subject of modesty in dress. This article will focus on the pervasiveness of immodest dress in our society and the challenge this poses for those of us striving to live godly lives. A second article, to appear in the next issue of...
  • by United News
"All of us are born with the basic need for attention," writes Kevin Leman in Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down. "All children start out with this basic skill, which they hone to a sharp edge as they go about the business of growing up.
  • by United News
The following poem was written in connection with the Garden Grove, California, Women's Enrichment Weekend on "Unlocking the Proverbs 31 Woman in You" (see page 21). The author, Nola Wells, attends the Garden Grove congregation.