United Church of God

United News: March - April 2004

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  • by Les McCullough
The signs are everywhere, and we see them so often it can be easy to ignore them. In the back of our minds we think, It can't happen to me. But it can!
  • by Bill Jahns
When a fish believed to be extinct for 65 million years was found in the Indian Ocean, evolutionists were stumped as to why it hadn't evolved at all in all those millions of years. The more we learn about this amazing fish, the more it casts doubt on the evolutionists' interpretation of the geologic record.
  • by Greg Sargent
"Knowing Christ and Him crucified" may well be an overworked phrase within traditional mainstream Christianity. But this phrase is indeed from the Bible and, therefore, we should not close our ears to it. More than that, the principle involved is central to overcoming sin.
  • by Jack Elliott
In the Christian world, many trust that Jesus will save them if they accept Him and do the best they can in this life. But is that what the Bible teaches? There is a great mystery about salvation, which few understand.