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United News: March - April 2010

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  • by Michelle Grovak
As I prepared to leave the house for a day of errands, the newspaper open to the obituary page on the kitchen table caught my eye.
  • by United News
How would you respond to an interviewer questioning why you can't work on Saturday?
  • by Jeremy Lallier
Only two kings in Israel and Judah's history followed God's command to tear down the pagan high places of sacrifice. What was it that motivated them to carry out God's order when so many of their predecessors and successors did not? What can we learn from their example in order to tear down our own spiritual high places in our hearts?
  • by Paul Suckling
During a three-week pastoral trip to England and Scotland, UCG-British Isles senior pastor Paul Suckling experienced a jarring event that kept him awake asking, "How am I doing as a Christian?"
  • by Larry Salyer
"I just got a call from the radiologist. You have appendicitis, and you need to get back to the hospital right away!" So said my family doctor in an urgent phone message.
by United News
  • by Kelley McGinnis
As I was on the plane headed back to Amman after being in the United States during the YMWA Bunayat School vacation, I started staring at my new ring on my finger. Having been engaged for less than 24 hours, I started to think about outward signs as I looked at it.