United Church of God

United News: March - April 2011

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  • by Katherine Rowland
As we are written on God's hands, His words are to be written in our hearts and minds.
  • by Carol Taylor
Accidents, disease, death, loss, failure, rejection—are such trials brought on us because of the sins in our lives?
  • by Manfred Fraund
The true land of promise lies yet ahead of us, not fully realized until Jesus Christ will once again come to earth as promised—only this time with the authority and power to replace the governments that dared to oppose the will of God. It will be a time of divine Providence for all mankind, free at last to worship and serve our Creator—free to fulfill our true destiny.
  • by Robert H Berendt
If we have filled our minds with good and positive things, we will have pure and uncluttered minds.
  • by David Palmer
As Passover approaches, we are reminded of the ultimate and loving sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. We must also, however, remember our part in the plan of salvation—choosing to obey God.
  • by Andy McClain
Satan relentlessly bombards us with his influence to commit sin. What can we do to proactively fight against his attacks?
  • by Darren Henke
Most of the Holy Land is desert or semidesert, but it hasn't always been that way. What happened to the Promised Land to turn it from abundance to desert?