United Church of God

United News March - April 2015

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  • by Peter Eddington
We must be practicing the perfection that comes from God. But we can't just practice anything we want! Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • by Rex Sexton
Let us not pursue the vain religion of the Pharisees that seeks recognition from other people. Instead, let us pursue those things which edify the Body, joining and knitting it together by what every member supplies.
  • by Randy Hansen
I hope that by telling my story, I can give someone hope who may be in a similar situation to ours.
by Roc Corbett
by United News
  • by Jennifer Ledbetter
We can often be tempted to rationalize sin ourselves yet turn our backs on a brother who struggles with certain sins that offend us. But we must ask sincerely and prayerfully: What does God expect from me?