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United News: March - April 2017

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  • by United News
Having grown up in the Church I knew right from wrong. I knew what God expected out of me, but much like the prodigal son, I chose to leave and go out into the world to discover for myself what life was all about.
  • by Aaron Dean
Two months ago Michelle and I were in Roseville, California, for the birth of our daughter and son-in-law’s first child. God gave Grace on Thanksgiving Day, a true gift since it was a national holiday and everyone was off work and available. Obviously, you cannot time these things, but I was thankful I could be there.
by Linda Dwornik
  • by Victor Kubik
“Forward!” That’s what we call this column. Its purpose is to keep us moving onward in our life’s journey as well as in doing the mission of the Church.
by John Elliott
by Jean Updegraff
  • by Kathy Sanny
God rebuked His people for neglecting the work of rebuilding His temple. Could we be doing the same today?
by Richard Berendt
by Martie Reyes Carreon