United Church of God

United News: March - April 2018

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  • by Steven Britt
In the upcoming Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, let’s remember how God has heard us in our distress.
  • by Jacob Mammen
What was our Savior going through at this moment on His final day of physical life?
  • by United News
I am a sinner who requires continuous work. I believe that illness can occur for different reasons.
by Jason Webster
  • by Kingdom come
God willing, there will be many visitors coming through our doors during the days and years to come. They will come in at the proper time. I hope and pray the Church will be ready for them. 
by Darris McNeely
by United News
  • by Lorelei Nettles
Instead of grumbling, we can choose to keep it to ourselves or speak to the individual about the issue one-on-one.
by United News
by Kevin Call
  • by Robert Dick
All their stories—Noah’s, Peter’s, Elijah’s, Paul’s and ours, too, contain a common element. It’s a commission—not a promise of results, but an assignment to preach the gospel.
  • by Victor Kubik
Yes, the United Church of God is a forward-looking church in verb mode more than any other. Stay with us and pray with us to discern what direction and decisions to make—knowing that God is telling us to “keep moving” forward!
by Jean Updegraff
by Victor Kubik
by Steve Myers