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United News: May-June 2016

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  • by Mitchell Moss
Our Father has given us the greatest power there is. “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul,” said Jesus (Matthew 10:28). Not only do we not have to fear, but we can boldly power through even the most intimidating circumstances in faith.
by Frank Dunkle
by Victor Kubik
by United News
by Barry Howdeshell
by Nawa Talama
by Rick Shabi
by Kevin Call
by Carmella Weis
by United News
  • by Steve Nutzman
Children need to see the love of God reflected in their mother and father. Our role model is Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:10), which in turn, we strive to reflect toward our children. Only with God in us, through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, can we reflect His godly image.
by Kevin Call
  • by Johnnie Lambert
This is the story of Valdur Vesingi, who was released from the maximum security prison in Tartu, Estonia.
by United News
  • by Rex Sexton
God the Father and Jesus Christ now dwell in the hearts of converted people. This is the great mystery of all time, understood by a few because it has to be revealed to a mind opened by God.
by Peter Eddington
  • by Peter Eddington
The promise of forgiveness should compel us to confess our sins to God. But we sometimes let sin dwell for too long in our lives. The burden of guilt is felt upon our conscience as we delay true repentance.