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United News: May - June 2017

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by Linda Dwornik
by Rhonda Diggins
  • by Don Hooser
Let’s be glad that we have the spirit of man, which gives us marvelous minds and that gives us the opportunity to receive the indwelling gift of God’s Holy Spirit.
by United News
by Josh Raudenbush
by Antonio Ndung'u
  • by Bill Bradford
The message from God doesn’t turn on a word. The understanding is in the context of the whole Bible.
  • by Peter Eddington
Ours is a work of spreading the gospel around the world! We have a divine, scriptural commission to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom to as many people as we are able.
by United News
by Heidi Braun
by Mary Miller
  • by Mitchell Moss
Letting go is not simply a matter of passively disengaging from life, focusing solely on quitting sin. It is a matter of yielding to the will of God, letting go of our natural human mindset, and powerfully wielding the Holy Spirit in service of the good news of God’s Kingdom.