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United News: November - December 2016

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  • by Donald Ward
Are you the man or woman that God is looking for? Or must He look to someone else.
by Amanda Pence
by Sherrie A Giddens
  • by Peter Eddington
It is our job, every one of us, to be involved in the work of God’s Church to herald “Thy Kingdom come” soon—the ultimate solution to humanity’s crisis. 
by Roy Demont
  • by Joy Jones
The Feast of Tabernacles is over. The songs have been sung, the hymnals collected, the sermons preached, and the Word of God has gone forth. Families have packed up, loaded their vehicles, boarded planes, and completed their journeys home. The Holy Day season has come and gone for another year.
by Sue Dunkle
by Jim Tuck
by Ben Light
  • by Robert Curry
Ever been so befuddled about what to study from all that the Bible offers that you ended up not studying that day? Ever been away from home where all your references and study materials are, so you ended up waiting until you got back home?
by United News
by Chuck Smith
by Lena VanAusdle
by Charles Melear
by Jeff Lockhart
by Kathy de Campos
by United News
by Linda Dwornik
by David Fenney
by Stephen Clark