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United News: November - December 2017

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  • by Tina Cason
Winter's holiday season doesn't have to be a dreary, dark time we long to get through.
  • by Robert H Berendt
People reach wrong conclusions when they think they cannot communicate. We can all learn new skills, but it takes effort, thought and action.
by Kathy de Campos
by Kevin Call
by Jorge de Campos
by United News
  • by Peter Eddington
As people who fully understand the plan God has for the world, we must take our calling seriously and act upon it. We must have a clean conscience and remove sin and all types of moral impurity that can injure our minds.
by United News
by Rhonda Diggins
by Ailsa Braun
by Gayle Hoefker, Scott Hoefker
by Raúl Machicao
by Larry DeLong
by Derrick Pringle
by United News
by Terry Franke
by Kossi Fiaboé
by Donald Turgeon
by United News
by United News
by Patrick Read
by United News
by Jaime Gallardo
by Israel Robledo
by Jerold Aust
by Paul Vaughan
by Larry Beckett
by Anthony Wasilkoff
by Mario Seiglie
by Tim Pebworth, Maryse Pebworth
by Warner Schmidt, Rachel R. Schmidt
by Aaron Dean
by United News
by Brian Shaw
by Antonio Ndung'u, Monte Knudson
by Janet Keisel