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United News: November - December 2020

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  • by Howard Marchbanks
Planned Giving, a part of an overall financial and estate plan, is the process that allows someone to make a charitable gift during one’s life or after one’s death. It is useful to think of planned giving as a process as opposed to a set of products.
by Victor Kubik
  • by David Mills
Seniors have much to give to their families, communities and the Church. How can they use their lifetime of experience to bear fruit in old age?
by United News
  • by Amanda Miller
It is important that we know how to give a defense for our way of life, doctrinal beliefs and the existence of God in respectful and appropriate conversations.
by Lena VanAusdle
by United News
  • by Katherine Rowland
When should we praise God? Is praise reserved for times of joy, or should we praise God in difficulties?
by Wilson Unas
by Jorge de Campos
by Susan Miller
by Osborne Liyawo
by Joe Dobson, Pat Dobson
by Ariana Del Signore
by Rainer Salomaa
by Rick Shabi
by Frank Reckerman
by Elizabeth Burchard
by Wayne Ward
by United News
by Stan Braumuller
by United News
by Matthew Sieff
by Simon Ng’ang’a
by United News
by Davidson Lay Beh
by United News
by Gary Smith
by United News
by Jorge de Campos
by Andy Duran
by Ken Skorseth
by United News
by Tim Pebworth
by Grace Langford
by Bill Bradford
by Peter Forster
by Rey Evasco, Jo Campos, Raul Villacote.
by Stephen Clark
by United News