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United News: September-October 2016

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  • by Gary Smith
To parents of teens: Welcome to this ongoing series of articles written with you in mind. These “hot topic” articles will specifically address current cultural issues and the challenges that you may be facing as a family and, most importantly, how to deal successfully with them in light of the Bible.
  • by Linda Dwornik
When you are enjoying yourself and focusing on God’s soon coming Kingdom, it is easy to meet new people, and even go up to them.
by Kevin Call
by Kathy de Campos
  • by Robin Webber
We have to push our tongue back, move our ears forward, and use our hearts as a doorstop—so we don’t get in the way.
by Jean Updegraff
  • by Jacob Mammen
“Will you be getting the most out of the Feast?” I ask you this: Will you? Make it a reality by choosing to act on those hopes and desires of getting the most out of the Feast. At the end of the day, while we are to enjoy these Holy Days, they are not Feasts unto ourselves, but to God. 
by Kevin Call
by Andy Diemer
  • by Victor Kubik
Yes, God commissioned His Church to thunder a warning message. Indeed, we must “cry aloud and spare not.” But as we do, it must be based on an understanding of “what manner of persons ought you to be” as we sigh and cry over the needless abominations manifested during these last days of this present evil age. 
by Ariana Del Signore
  • by Randy Urwiller
By now we have made our travel arrangements and our housing reservations. And we’ll soon finish our final preparations before setting out. But have we planned to study the importance of these Holy Days to God’s plan of salvation? We should.
  • by J L
Where will our spiritual condition be when Christ returns? Will we be at a place in our lives where we are willing and ready to respond to the call of the trumpet?
by Victor Kubik
by Stephanie Lippincott
by Linda Dwornik