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United News: September - October 2017

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by Jaime Diaz
by Rex Sexton
by United News
by Lindsey Massie
by Paul Moody
by Tim Pebworth
  • by Rainer Salomaa
With God’s help and with the navigational aids of His Word and the Holy Spirit...
by Jim Tuck
by David D Schreiber
by Mark Welch
by Gabriel García
by Susan Davis
  • by Heather D
Here are some ideas to get you started on preparing to have a joyous Feast of...
by Gary Smith
by David Fenney
by Lorelei Nettles
  • by Victor Kubik
As we strive to “endure to the end,” let us courageously claim those gifts and...
by Frank Dunkle
by Matthew Puckett
by Scott Hoefker, Gayle Hoefker
by Rhonda Diggins