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United News: September - October 2018

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  • by Jay Ledbetter
Prophecy tells us in the future that everyone “shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and keep the Feast of Tabernacles” (Zechariah 14:16). But what if you find yourself unable to attend?
by Kathy de Campos
  • by Daniel Deininger
Let's recognize this special opportunity God is giving us to share His way of life, His plan and His purpose with those He is calling and inspiring to attend the Feast of Tabernacles with us.
by Nicholas Bizic
  • by Amanda Miller
The dramatic events of my childbirth helped me understand how our unanswered prayers can reveal God's purpose being worked out.
by United News
by United News
  • by Ryan Hall
Atonement emphasizes the culmination of both God the Father’s and Jesus Christ’s selfless actions to build a holy family. We can be assured that sin and the author of it will be cast away, giving way to a time of unity with God once again.
by Rex Sexton
by Stephen Mapes
  • by Mario Seiglie
In our mission to preach the gospel and to prepare a people, let us never forget how important it is to exalt that “perfect law of liberty.”
by Steve Nutzman
by David Fenney, Barbara Fenney
by Len Martin
by Frank Dunkle
by Jim Tuck
by David D Schreiber
by United News
by Susan Davis
by United News
by United News
by Gabriel García
by Oludare Akinbo
by Rex Sexton
by Matthew Puckett
by Scott Hoefker, Gayle Hoefker
  • by Don Hooser
Human beings are by nature uncomfortable with trying to relate to a God who is invisible, infinite, immortal, transcendent, intangible and humanly incomprehensible. People want to reduce and humanize God so He is less heavenly and more down-to-earth. However, portraying our supernatural God with something physical is insulting to God.
by Mukumbuta Nawa Talama