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United News: September - October 2020

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  • by Len Martin
How can we prepare ourselves now for the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ?
  • by Andy Diemer
This year, many of our Feast plans are being upset by events we did not foresee coming. We must believe that God is working through all these circumstances.
  • by Micah Gunn
There is an old story that Jewish rabbis used to tell their students regarding the building of the temple. They stated that when the temple was built, every stone was cut to fit perfectly and then shipped from the quarry to the hilltop building site.
by Frank Dunkle
by United News
by United News
by Lisa Fenchel
by Ariana Del Signore
by United News
  • by Don Hooser
Many of us donate to charities to help those who are sick or in unfortunate circumstances. Donating blood is a free way to help those who are sick and potentially save lives. There is always a shortage of blood needed for transfusions. Consider donating blood—it's a wonderful act of compassion, caring and charity.
  • by Howard Marchbanks
One of the keys to generational financial success is sharing financial principles and information within the family. How can we help our children when it comes to money and understanding financial principles?
by Darris McNeely