United Church of God

United News: September - October 2023

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  • by Joy Jones
Through the calling we have received, we have the greatest passport, the greatest proof of citizenship, that we could ever hope to attain.
  • by John LaBissoniere
The Feast of Trumpets pictures a future time when Jesus Christ will descend from heaven to establish His Kingdom, punish evil men and nations and prevent them from annihilating all life on earth. Furthermore, this wonderful Holy Day depicts the divine transformation you will experience when you “put on immortality.”
  • by Rebekah Shoemaker
We have to look at our struggles the way God sees them.
  • by David Jones, Joy Jones
Preteen Camp Colorado was held from June 18-21 in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains near Estes Park, Colorado.
  • by Jim Moody, Laurel Moody
Camp Gilmont was held for the first time in the Piney Woods of East Texas from June 4-7.
  • by Jeff Richards
Camp Ochoco was held from July 9-12 in central Oregon, 25 miles east of Prineville.
  • by Aaron Creech
Campers and staff spent a wonderful week together from July 9-16 in the pines outside of Prescott, Arizona.
  • by Jay Ledbetter, Jennifer Ledbetter
From July 21-28, campers and staff spent an amazing week of teen camp in Temple, Georgia.