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The following article reprints have originally appeared in the Good News magazine, United News and booklets. All reprints are available in PDF format. Click on the article title to open the article in a new browser window.

The Abortion Quagmire
Two unmarried teenagers agonize about the girl's pregnancy. Afraid to confide in their families, the couple manages to deliver the baby in a motel room. They wrap the newborn in plastic and throw her in a trash bin. They are convicted of manslaughter. If they had procured an abortion just a few weeks—or even a few days—earlier, they would not have faced a trial and jail terms. This is just one of hundreds of news stories appearing over the past few years in a nation mired in the moral quagmire of abortion.

The AIDS epidemic, increasingly compared to the dreaded black death of the 1300s, has taken millions of lives and promises to take millions more. Yet, tragically, we ignore the only real solution to this deadly plague.

Why is there a need for alcoholism information in the Church?

America's Child Sacrifice
Child sacrifice is horrifying to even contemplate. Yet it remains with us, practiced millions of times every year.

Armageddon: The End of the World
What is the biblical Armageddon? Does it signal the end of the world? When and where will it take place?

That They May Have Life
The big question is, Where do you stand when it comes to matters of life and death for a little one? Have you given it much thought? How you answer the matter will speak volumes as to whether you believe your life on earth is an accident or is by design.

Angels are in the movies, on cards, everywhere—at least the popular conception of angels are. But what does the Bible really say about how we should think about angels?

Baptism: Beginning of a New Life
Previous articles in this series have covered the vital spiritual tools of prayer, Bible study, meditation, fasting and repentance. But to receive the greatest gifts of God, there is another step you must take—the commitment of water baptism.

Breaking Free from Addictions
The curse of addictions takes an enormous toll on people and society as a whole. Addictions take many forms and often are very destructive. How can a person break free?

Dealing with Abuse
The United Church of God prepared these articles to inform, educate and provide understanding of abuse issues.

Depression: Ways to Win the Battle
How widespread is depression? What are its causes? Most important, what are the weapons in the struggle against depression?

Did God Give a Calendar?
If you reject the Hebrew calendar as the basis for the dates of God's Holy Days, what are you left with? Does the Bible give enough information to construct a calendar?

Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones: What Does It Mean?
The prophet Ezekiel saw a vision of vast numbers of people resurrected to live again as physical human beings. What is the meaning of this mystifying vision, and what does it teach us about God's plan?

Fasting: A Spiritual Power Tool!
Three earlier articles in this series covered prayer, Bible study and thinking or meditation. Along with those spiritual tools, we need to frequently combine this fourth tool—fasting.

Fruit of the Spirit
Jesus Christ taught important spiritual lessons regarding the "fruit" of our lives. What are those lessons, and how well are we applying them? Our eternal life depends on this understanding!

Has the Bible Been Preserved Accurately?
Some Bible critics argue that we should disregard the Bible because it's impossible that our modern versions could match the original texts. But how does this argument stand up to scrutiny?

The Mark of the Beast
Where there is prophecy, there is plenty of speculation. People wonder: When will the "end time" be? Who will be the Beast prophesied in Revelation? What nations will comprise that final union the Beast will head, and when will that government arise?

The Rapture—A Popular but False Doctrine!
The rapture, often called "the blessed hope," is sadly more hoax than hope, even though the man who started it had no intention of deceiving anyone. You need to know what the Bible actually says!

Horsemen of Revelation
The "four horsemen of the Apocalypse"— this latter term being the Greek name for the book of Revelation—have intrigued Bible readers for centuries. What do they represent? The implications for mankind are staggering.

Is the Spirit World Real?
Do you know for sure whether there really is an evil spirit named Satan? What about his minions called demons? How does all of this affect young people?

Learn, Live and Love the Bible
God's Word discusses several tools we can use to grow spiritually and build our relationship with our Creator. In this second article in a series on tools for spiritual growth, we examine the foundational tool of Bible reading and study.

Marriage and Family
Many would have you believe that the marital union is unnecessary and hopelessly out of date. Yet the Creator of mankind designed marriage as the ideal relationship for men and women. What are some of the key principles you can put into practice to build a happy marriage? And what is God's ultimate goal for that relationship?

Meditation: What's on Your Mind?
The Bible teaches us about tools we can use to grow spiritually and build our relationship with God. In this third article in a series, we examine the importance of godly thoughts and meditation.

The Millennium
What does the Bible really say about the Millennium, the prophesied 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ? Is it a fantasy or a promise on which you can stake your future?

Repentance: A Profound Turnaround!
Previous articles in this series showed how we attain biblical understanding and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, meditation and fasting. What do we do then? This article shows how we must further use and apply that understanding!

Same Sex Marriage: Does It Meet With God's Approval
The gay agenda is steadily gaining ground in Western nations, with same-sex marriage finding acceptance. But what does the Bible say—and why? And what’s at the root of same-sex attraction?

Smoking and Health: The Often Overlooked Key
We all know that smoking is devastating to one's health. Would you or a loved one like to quit for good? Where can you find the extra help to kick the habit?

Speaking in Tongues
A major segment of Christianity believes that speaking in tongues and other "spiritual gifts" are necessary to validate the gift of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians. What can we learn from a closer look at the scriptures on this subject?

Successful Parenting
Jesus Christ recognized that children must be included in the spiritual life of His followers. Are we teaching them to love God's ways and especialy His Sabbath?

The Bible's Keys to Mental Health
Why are mental problems and disabilities on the rise? Could it be that we overlook the Bible's keys to healthy, positive thinking?

The Growing Menace of Gambling
Compulsive gambling can and does destroy lives just like drug addiction and alcoholism. It is just one more sign of the moral decline currently gripping our Anglo-Saxon nations.

The Privilege and Power of Prayer
The Bible reveals and discusses several tools we can use to grow spiritually and build our relationship with our Creator. In this first article in a series on these tools for spiritual growth, we examine the foundational tool of prayer—a key to communication with God.

The Sacred Name—Is a Christian Required to Use It?
Some people claim that we must speak of God and address Him only by "His Sacred Name." We examine their arguments and demonstrate their errors.

What Does the Bible Teach About Tithing?
Does tithing teach timeless principles and lessons even in today's modern world? You need to understand God's perspective on this vital issue.

What Is Repentance?
Most people have only a vague idea of what the word means. What exactly is repentance?

What Is Salvation?
Millions of professing Christians believe they are "saved." But from what are they saved? How and when does salvation take place? Let's cut through the confusion and understand the truth.

What Is a True Christian?
What does it take to be a Christian? According to the Bible, there is much more to being a true follower of Jesus Christ than most people realize. How does God's Word define a true Christian?

Which Bible Translation Should I Use?
Many questions have been raised regarding which Bible translations are the best ones to use. This question usually revolves around which translations are the most accurate. Some may argue that a particular version isn't good, while others may think that same version is the best. How can you know which one is best to use?

Whose Prayers Does God Hear?
While Americans mourned and prayed for God's comfort and strength, passionate religious extremists offered prayers of thanks for what they saw as a great victory. Whose prayers does God hear?

'You Are Gods'
Jesus stunned His listeners in proclaiming His own divine identity. But He went even further, quoting a verse that tells human beings, "You are gods." Indeed, as many passages show, God is a family.