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Christ: the Atonement for All

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Christ: The Atonement for All

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Christ: the Atonement for All

MP3 Audio (24.58 MB)

The Day of Atonement is all about how we become God's people. How can that happen? Sin entered the picture, causing a great separation. This message describes how that separation has been removed. The Day of Atonement reminds us how Jesus Christ, through His own blood, reconciled and brings humanity into eternal relationship with God the Father.

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  • Shaunc
    Really good message. Have waited for fifteen years for a message in UCG to draw the connection between John's comment of "Behold the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world" and the second goat. Added to that, John would have made that comment right at about the time of Atonement - I doubt any of those listening would have missed the connection. A lot more that could be said but probably wise not to do so. Also very much liked the observation of how permanent the removal of those sins are from the camp. They don't come back - ever. The goat never comes back and the sins never come back. Ever! I think the progression of that concept is worthwhile. One question I have is the continued reference to the name "Lucifer". It's a genuine question. Why do speakers insist on using a Latin word that was inserted into the Hebrew text to give a name to God's adversary. Particularly when scriptures such as Job 18:17 tell us that the names of the wicked will not be remembered. Why would God preserve the name of the most wicked one.... forever? Just a question - hope it doesn't take away from an excellent sermon.
  • frankfishca
    Hello Shaun, It is interesting how the First Century writers connected the ancient Israel Festival observances. The continually quotations of the Law , Writings and Prophets throughout the New Testament is their effort to connect the religious teachings they were taught with what they saw Jesus Christ live out and fulfill. Your comment about the use of Latin verses Hebrew names will be a good topic for discussion after church or a bible study. Thanks for sharing.
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