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Holidays or Holy Days

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Holidays or Holy Days

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Holidays or Holy Days

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Many people recognize that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but believe we should still observe Christmas. What's so wrong with observing Christmas? Let's delve into the Scripture to see why it's not okay.

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  • Lena J
    Christ-mass! We got it from the Roman church; and they got it from the pagans! The World loves Christmas; but hates Christ! Let’s celebrate God’s free gift to us—Forgiveness and Salvation through Jesus’ willing sacrifice—every day! Time is really short…now! “Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!” Christmas is a man-made tradition steeped in paganism. Christians should not celebrate it. Why mix paganism with God's holiness?
  • hightechredneck
    Coming from a Baptist background, I can remember my youth spent celebrating Christmas and looking forward to it year after year. While there was always a strong emphasis on the 'Christian', or 'true' meaning of the holiday, in all honesty, the real excitement we had was all about the gifts and fun times to be had. I can also remember, as a teenager, having discovered only some of the origins of Christmas traditions, including the tree, mistletoe, and Yule log, quizzing my parents as to why we would keep those customs? I mused aloud the question of whether Jesus would actually want us to do such things for His remembrance and that really set things off. The point was made in the strongest terms, that as long as I was living in their house, I was not to question 'our traditions'. It was understood that all the traditions that surround the holiday, from Santa to the tree, to decorations and gifts, to reindeer and fruitcakes, even to the date itself, all are man's traditions, not God's. But God doesn't mind if we adopt traditions from other cultures to worship him does he? And Jesus doesn't care if we use old pagan traditions to celebrate His birth, right? Or does He? Well, Christmas is never found in the Bible, so maybe God has no comment on it? He never told us _not_ to, right? This comment is already getting longer than I intended, so I'll try to wrap it up. Scripture is our guide, containing the testimonies of God. This includes fairly specific instruction on how God expects to be worshipped. It also includes instructions on how to not adopt the practices of other religions in the worship of God. The Scriptures record the disastrous results of when the Isrealites did just that over and over again. Shouldn't we learn from their example?
  • montydon
    Christmas is mans tradition, not God's, and he says in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men
  • pistol pete47
    I think that you should celebrate our lord jesus every time we wake up and be glad that he love us so.not just on dec 25th people stress out on not having money and then saten tells themto to bad thangs.
  • MDW
    The Bible provides us with enough information about Jesus Christ so that we don't have to go out and invent reasons and seasons to celebrate him. If we truly believe that the Scriptures are inspired and God breathed, then we have what we need. God gave us wonderful Holy Days that point to Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul encouraged the followers to imitate him as he imitated Christ. Imagine what the Christian community would be like if we just did what Christ tells us to do instwad of saying I will do what I want to do to celebrate Christ. Satan enjoys nothing more than Christians fallin g hook, line and sinker for everything that comes along in the name of Jesus. That's why he is so cunning and deceives the whole world. The Bible says that God is looking for those to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. The goal is not to prevent Christians from honoring our Lord and Saviour, but to honor him in a way that pleases him according to the Scriptures. It seems to me that if God wanted this celebration to be carried out the way it is today by the "Christian" community, He would have made the date and time clear so that we would not have to spend so much time searching and coming up with dates. But Jesus Christ made it clear when he wanted us to observe the Passover, what symbols to use and what those symbols represented. He told His disciples to do this in remembrance of me. When you take the bread and wine at Passover, we proclaim the Lord's death til He comes.
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